Use Ergo Split Keyboard to Avoid Injuries

Posted by Amanda Dawson on

A 2009 study of Polish researchers wanted to know the common symptoms experienced by office employees in workstations. The study had more than 450 participants, both men and women, working in social services firms in two towns. After analyses of their answers in the survey questionnaires, the researchers found that most of the symptoms such as pain are experienced in the neck, lower, and upper back, followed by the wrist or hands, arms, and elbows. One of the common reasons cited was position of the keyboard. To have a better understanding on the effects of keyboard to poor health, David...

Use Ergonomic Mice to Avoid Wrist Injuries

Posted by Amanda Dawson on

You may hardly pay attention to it, but you are actually doing so many things with your wrists. You need it to swing your tennis racket, type on a computer or laptop, make sure you can properly carry the baby, pick an object, etc. So just imagine if your wrist gets injured. When that happens, your movements may be severely limited. Wouldn’t it then affect your overall health, lifestyle, relationship, job, and quality of life? For sure, the answer is a resounding yes. Wrists can get injured for many reasons. When you fall, it is instinct to use your hands...

Use Ergo Chairs to Avoid Back Injuries

Posted by Amanda Dawson on

In the United States, at least 30 million people will develop back pain at least once in their life. Further, health care costs associated with back pain have already reached more than $45 billion annually. In the UK, it is currently one of the leading causes of disabilities and lost work hours.It’s certainly surprising to discover how something as common as back pain can have huge detrimental effects on a person’s well-being and finances. But why do people develop back pains in the first place? There’s no single cause for back pain. A pain in the flank may indicate an...

Why You Should Never Take Good Lighting in the Workplace for Granted

Posted by Amanda Dawson on

Running a workplace is a complex process. Aside from managing people, owners and manager should also think about juggling resources and utilities. While some things can be compromised during critical decision making, one of the factors that should not be is lighting. Proper lighting can:Improve a person’s productivity: In fact, with proper lighting, productivity increases by as high as 15%. A good light can reduce absenteeism and work fatigue. It prevents nausea, vomiting, and headache. The employee also feels less stressed about work. Prevent accidents and injuries: One of the reasons why offices and other business-related facilities should have proper...

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