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Use Ergo Chairs to Avoid Back Injuries

by Amanda Dawson July 21, 2015

Use Ergo Chairs to Avoid Back Injuries

In the United States, at least 30 million people will develop back pain at least once in their life. Further, health care costs associated with back pain have already reached more than $45 billion annually. In the UK, it is currently one of the leading causes of disabilities and lost work hours.

It’s certainly surprising to discover how something as common as back pain can have huge detrimental effects on a person’s well-being and finances. But why do people develop back pains in the first place?

There’s no single cause for back pain. A pain in the flank may indicate an underlying illness such as kidney disease. It may have been strained as you bend and pick up an object from the floor. You may be active in sports or have met an accident, both of which can result to injuries.

More people, however, develop back pains by sitting for a long time in a chair. Compounding it is the fact that sitting, especially if you have the wrong chair, promotes bad posture that creates tension in the lower back muscles. Too much sitting also encourages obesity, which will surely put more pressure on your back due to the excess weight.

The best way to deal with back injuries and avoid them is to avoid prolonged sitting. Spend less than 3 hours on your desk. If you can’t do it now, then try standing up for every 20 minutes.

The next best option is to look for ergonomic chairs that offer great support for your back.

If you’re worried about pain or injury in the lower back, then you should consider two very important factors in choosing your office chair: back rest and lumbar support.

The spine is divided into three regions. The topmost is called the thoracic spine, and it’s the one that’s connected to the neck and head. In the middle is the lumbar, but it’s mostly considered as the lower spine. It is known for its inward curvature. The last one is the sacral, which is at the bottom and is shaped like a triangle. Lumbar spine is connected to the sacral spine.

If a person has a back pain or injury, there’s a huge chance there’s something wrong with the lumbar spine. It may have been strained enough due to constant slouching. While many do tend to slouch, usually, the reason is the lack of proper lumbar support. A chair with a good lumbar support should have adjustable depth and height so it follows the curvature of the spine.

On the other hand, support on the lower back is just a part of a good chair. You need to provide support for the entire back, and this is where a back rest comes in handy. It should be wide enough to fit the width of the back. Check if you can change the angle and the height so the back rest always supports your back regardless of your sitting position.

By investing in a reliable, efficient ergo chair with great back support, you’ll lessen the tension and stress. You’ll also learn to love your back more.
Amanda Dawson
Amanda Dawson

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