Corner Sleeves

ESI Corner Sleeve ACCD90

ESI ACCD90-17 and ACCD90-21 corner sleeves are inexpensive ways to transform your 90° corner desk into a diagonal one, maximizing space and providing a more convenient spot to mount an articulating arm and keyboard platform. All the Corner Solutions are pre-drilled with holes positioned for quick installation of the ESI articulating arm and platform combinations. Compatible with any ESI keyboard and articulating arm option, the ESI corner adapter helps bring ergonomic comfort, convenience and efficiency to your work area.


Increase desk space- transforms a 90° corner into a diagonal corner, which gives you more room to exert effort

Compatibility - easily works together with any ESI articulating arm or keyboard options

Easy Installation - step by step instructions and minimal effort make it easy to install

Affordable- ergonomic option that won't break the bank


Diameter:   17" and 21"
Color:    Black
Weight:   15 lbs
Fits:   ACCD90-17 desks up to 1.375” thick
           ACCD90-21 desks up to 1.375”

$ 88.80

WorkRite Corner Rectangle Sleeve 179CR

The Corner Sleeve and rectangle is built with a lip that allows it to slide onto a surface and allows the sleeve to secure it underneath with the wood screws provided. There's two pre-drilled holes within the lip that align utilizing the Workrite keyboard Arm, along with the screws and lock-bolts provided you attach the arm towards the corner sleeve (rectangle). After sliding the corner sleeve on the desk, you can attached the keyboard arm into the surface underneath using the wood screws provided in both the keyboard arm box or through the package that the corner sleeve (rectangle) comes in. Once the arm is secured to the underside of this desk, you'll be able to attach the corner sleeve to your desk with the wood screws when you look at the package


  • Produces practical work space - Converts 90 degree and sides with keyboard cutouts to usable work areas.
  • Works with all Workrite keyboard arms.
  • Works with the after platforms: 188, 488, 2180S, 2181SN, 2100FT, 317RL, 2110D, 2110RL, 2110RLN, 321RL, 180, 187, 487, 383, 385RL, 386RL, 482, 483, 485, 486, 182, 183, 185, 186.
  • Standard colors - Black and Gray.
  • Dimensions: 26" x 15" x 1.5".


a = 26"

b = 15"

c = 1.5"

$ 81.00

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