Foot Rests

3M Adjustable Foot Rest FR330

The adjustable footrest increases comfort by placing user in ergonomically correct position, reducing back, neck and leg strain and fatigue, that could lead to pain and discomfort. Fully adjustable. Contoured non-skid foot platform for optimum comfort.


• Contoured, 18" wide non-skid plastic platform with soft bumps to massage and soothe your own feet

• Height and tilt adjustable

• Durable, heavy-duty steel base


• Depth 14 Inch
• Height 4 Inch
• Length 22 Inch
• Size Extra-wide 22 in platform, 18 in platform
• Width 22 Inch, 18 Inch

$ 65.50

ESI Ergonomics 3" Adjustable Footrest ESI-FR201

ESI Ergo 3" Adjustable Footrest is a phenomenal basic footrest that matches the need for improved leg positioning and mobility promoting better circulation within the feet and legs.


Rocking - platform rocks back and forth to promote circulation in your legs and help improve alertness.
Angled platform - positions legs at an angle that is healthier for the back.
Durable phenolic - for long life and easy cleaning


Dimensions:   18.5" W x 18.5"D x 3"H to platform
Width between supports:   15.375"
Weight:   7 lbs.


$ 80.40

Neutral Posture NeXtep Foot Platform

The Neutral Posture NeXtep Foot Platform is certainly a large, secure footrest which fits through each tube within the platform to a lot of stools, as well as workplace task seats, to give plenty of ergonomic support for your feet and legs. The system provides the amount of area to support your feet and enable your lower spine maintain proper contact through the chair's backrest. The Neutral Posture NeXtep Foot Platform is indeed very easy to setup, fits more existing footrings and also holds up to 400 lbs. The product has various height and depth placements for best adjustment and it also can quickly change in an instant with no need of any equipment.


  • Simple strong design encourages use as a “step”
  • Attached to stool in place of or in combination with footring
  • Available in 8” and 10” heights
  • Can be used individually or together as a combo for dual heights
  • Adjustable depth: 13”, 15” or 17” from chair cylinder
  • Strong, stable step supports up to 400 lbs.
  • Offered with either Glides or with Locking casters (easier positioning mobility)
  • Can be retrofitted to most lab stools.
  • Material: Reinforced glass fiber plastic, Color: Black


Product #

R7 8" with glides
R8 8" with casters
R9 10" with glides
R10 10" with casters
R11 12" with glides
R12 12" with casters
R17 R7/R9 combo
R18 R8/R10 combo
R21 R9/R11 combo
R22 R10/R12 combo


Layout Glides Casters
3.jpg nextepr7.jpg nextepr8.jpg
4.jpg nextepr17.jpg nextepr10.jpg
2.jpg nextepr18.jpg








$ 250.00

WorkRite FootRester Height and Angle Adjustable 215-WIDE

Brings ergonomic placement of feet while sitting at a workstation.

Changes as Your Body Does.
Platform's fluid rocking motion automatically changes with alterations in body position

Created From High-Quality Materials
A heavy guage steel frame and 3/8" thick composite plastic will take use and abuse.

Additional Features

– Extra-broad platform
– Stylish charcoal finish

$ 154.95

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