Multi Monitor Mounts

Ergotech Telescoping Wings

Telescoping Wing The adjustable wings allow for a customizable viewing angle between the middle and side monitors. Using the included fixed wings, you could achieve a 30 degree angle between the middle and side monitors. By swapping out for the telescoping wings, you are able to achieve 45 degrees and still have room to increase the angle further.
$ 200.00

ESI 6 Screen Mounted Monitor Arm MMFS6

The ESI Ergonomics MMFS6 is precisely anything you see - a no embellishments monitor arm that will support six monitors. The MMFS6 is sturdy enough to aid six 18.5 inch wide monitors, each weighing just as much as 13.2lbs each, and contains both a desk clamp and grommet mount.


  • Supports 6 monitors
  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy
  • Sturdy main frame moves smoothly, even under a heavy load
  • Built-in cord management keeps cables out of your way
  • Load Capacity up to 79.2 lbs.
  • Arm extends 24" from where its mounted
  • Available in grommett mount or clamp mount
  • Conforms to VESA 75 mm or VESA 100 mm


Monitor(s) extension 24" from the pole
Monitor(s) retraction 5" to save space
Monitor rotation +135°/-135°
Weight capacity 83 lbs.
$ 834.60

Innovative Articulating Dual LCD Mount 9112-Switch-S-FM

Suspend 2 panels that are flat work area utilising the change Multi-Monitor Mounting System. Save workspace that is valuable minmise desktop clutter. Original cable administration permits cables become hidden beneath the extensions that are forearm. Our change bracket assits you to modify monitors plus in addition permits rotation. Includes our spring-assist monitor tilter for effortless movement.

Monitors may be positioned either next to each other or one together with one other. Change works together all VESA 75 & 100 mm VESA monitors. Change is a configurable mounting that is multi-monitor by Revolutionary. Change satisfies your overall mounting demands, but in addition effortlessly adapts to meet along with your future demands! You can actually transform little to no time to your monitor configurations or work, usually without the need to purchase extra elements. Do you need to install 4 panels that are flatside-by-side)? Purchase number of 2, 9112-Switch-S-FM.

$ 289.00 $ 361.25

Intellaspace Monitor Mount Healthcare Solutions TXWMK201-S

Intellaspace Monitor Mount Healthcare Solutions TXWMK201-S created with aluminum with no sharp edges, with anti microbial coatings and perfect cable handling.  Durable, stable, for long lasting in a healthcare environment. Completely constructed, contains mounting equipment.


Perfect cable management.

Wall Mount with Two Extension Arms

Mounts to Steel, Wood, Concrete


$ 1,345.00

WorkRite Sequoia Monitor Arm Sequoia


The WorkRite Sequoia tackles the developing trend of multiple flat panel display use while offering the flexibleness and durable support required by today’s information professionals.

Sequoia supports 1 to 6 monitors, every one of which can weigh as much as 16 pounds. The wide arms provide displays of just as much as 23 inches wide and 15 inches high. Place multiple Sequoias in a row in addition to wide range of monitors you are able to support is not-ending.

Individuals will enjoy the capability to arrange their displays in a parabolic arc for a comfy viewing angle. Monitors can certainly be tilted for glare-free viewing angles and rotated from portrait to landscape orientation as required.


  • Specify single, dual or triple mounts, mounted to short or tall pole for monitor arrays of one or two rows correspondingly.
  • Nine preconfigured skus for the majority of common monitor arrays of 1 to 6 monitors
  • Determine two-piece C-Clamp or Grommet Mount. Durable two piece C-Clamp given to arrays with 5 or 6 monitors.
  • Dual and triple mount have independently flexible right and left segments created to move in tandem with one another or if needed, 
  • the angle and vertical position of the right and left segment could be individually modified.
  • For parabolic viewing, dual mount segments pivot as much as 15 degrees and triple mount segments pivot as much as 20 degrees
  • Mounts and poles could be requested separately for arrays with different sized monitors as well as arrays with monitors mounted both 
  • in landscape and portrait orientation.
  • Dual mount serves monitors up to 23 inches wide
  • Triple mount accommodates monitors as much as 16 inches wide
  • For monitor height compatibility, see “Pole Height“ chart below
  • All mounts tilt +/- 20 degrees and rotate 90 degrees to improve from landscape to portrait orientation
  • All mounts support monitors weighing as much as 16 lbs. each

Environmental Factors to Consider

  • – 92% recyclable at end of life
  • – VOC free powdercoat
  • – LEED credit eligibility
  • Development in design, credit 1.1-1.4 (1-4 points)
  • Execution of comprehensive ergonomic program
  • Materials & Resources, MR Credit 4.1–4.2 (1-2 points)
  • Reprocessed content: 20% (post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer)



$ 118.80

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