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About Us

Ergo LCD is an online office furnishing company that believes in the recent drive to create healthy workplaces all across the US. With the recent findings that make sitting down for long hours unhealthy, the need for work areas that can get rid of the sedentary lifestyle that people in desk jobs lead, has risen steadily. Since we do believe that it is time for a change, we have taken it upon ourselves to promote and sell office furnishings that allow people to easily transition from a sitting position to a standing one, and vice versa, rather easily.

Our site carries some of the best brands in the industry, such as Humanscale Solutions, WorkRite, Idea, and Health Postures, to name a few. We carry ergonomic seating options, sit to stand desks and workstations, monitor arms, keyboard trays, and other ergonomic accessories that can help in creating the kind of workplace that is ideal for today’s health conscious company and individual. Choose from any of the options we have to create stations that are geared towards encouraging people to switch to a healthier lifestyle, even outside of the workplace.

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