Ergotech Triple LCD Desk Stand 100-D16-B03-TW

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Desktop Power and Connectivity tools from Ergotech. The I.C.E. Cube provides four electrical outlets and two USB data connections in the users fingertips. Combine the ice cube as an add-on for a far better seek out your triple stand.

Install 3 LCD monitors horizontally on this heavy duty, compact desk stand.

The heavy weight Triple LCD Desk Stand certainly is the greatest solution when you really need to mount 3 LCD monitors in a horizontal configuration. This powerful system gives the top-notch display capability of 3 LCD monitors as well as the flexibility of an easily transportable system. This desk stand gives sturdy and stable support for 3 monitors sized from 17 to 24. Place the Heavy Duty Triple LCD Desk Stand any place in the work surface and move it from a location to some other with ease. Maximize desk space to get rid of paper clutter using this dynamic desk stand.

Tool-less design and style ensures quick, easy installation of 3 LCD monitors.

The Heavy Duty Triple LCD Desk Stand is packed with Ergotechs tool-less engineering assisting to make monitor installation a breeze. The quick release pivots provide straightforward, one-step installing and dismounting of most 3 LCD monitors.

Hassle-free monitor modification ensures instant, customized ergonomic comfort.

The multi adjustment pivots allow you to position all 3 LCD monitors to suit your preferences in order to operate in complete comfort. Replace the monitors left and right, up and down, and revel in portrait or landscape views. Put the high quality Triple LCD Desk Stand to your workplace and make use of the enormous display power of 3 LCD monitors. According to the position, you could possibly view lengthy legal documents, electronic financial data, spreadsheets, and multiple pages within one document with ease. And that's just for starters. This LCD desk stand is sure to streamline multiple tasks and operations.

Install additional LCD monitors fast.

If as soon as you want more monitors, the expandable, scalable high quality Triple LCD Desk Stand adapts and grows together with your changing requirements. The mounting pivots and vertical poles are interchangeable along with other Ergotech products. Simply add the required components and attach the extra monitors.


  • Mount 3 monitors with convenience
  • Incorporate additional monitors quickly and cost efficiently
  • Quick Release pivots provides one-step mounting and dismounting
  • Tool-less design and style
  • Quick set up and installation
  • Cable management system
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • 75mm and 100mm VESA suitable
  • Pivots 20 up/10 down per each monitor
  • Holds monitors 17 to 24 as much as 25 lbs.
  • 16 vertical pole

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Q: What size monitors will the standard triple monitor stand take?

A: The Ergotech triple lcd desk stand will hold up to 24" monitors and up to 25 lbs each.

Q: What if my screens are lager then 24"s?

A: The Ergotech triple lcd desk stand can hold as much as 26 inch monitors if you add the Telescoping wings. The adjustable wings allow for larger monitors and adjustable viewing angle amongst the middle and side monitors.

Q: May Be The Ergotech Stand Vesa Compliant?

A: Ergotech brackets fit VESA compliant displays with a 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm hole pattern. If your hole pattern does not match the VESA standard, call Customer Service to determine if Ergotech has a mount to match your display.

Q: Will the Ergotech Triple stand holds a 27" monitor in the center and two 25" monitors on the sides?

A: The Ergotech triple lcd desk will hold this nevertheless you will need to order the telescoping wings.

Q: Will the Ergotech Triple stand holds a 30" monitor in the center and two 17" monitors on the sides?

A: The Ergotech triple lcd desk will hold this. For this setup you will have to place the center monitor in landscape and use the side monitors in portrait view. The telescoping wings will additionally be needed in this configuration.

Q: Can you ship internationally?

A: We do ship this product internationally but we do ask you to make contact with for the very best shipping quote.

Q: Is there a maximum viewing angle of the outside monitors with telescoping wings?

A: With tested 3 24 Dell Monitors you are able to achieve up to 45 degrees with room to spare for greater viewing angles. Utilizing the standard triple stand you can achieve a 30 degree viewing angle on the exterior monitors.

The Heavy Duty Triple Desk Stand is made to hold three monitors from 17" to 24" wide in a horizontal setting. The system is made to be upgradable and expandable as the needs change and grow. Detailed below are the key parts of hardware, and exactly how they contribute to the general design

Base - The wide heavy base clocks in at 12 pounds. This large footprint, with the overall weight assures that the unit does not tip over during installation and setup. This key feature ensures that setup is smooth and scare-free. The base is also flat and relatively thin, allowing for objects and paperwork to rest upon the base.

Telescoping Wings- The flexible wings allow for a customizable viewing angle amongst the middle and side monitors. Utilizing the included fixed wings, you could achieve a 30 degree angle amongst the middle and side monitors. By swapping out for the telescoping wings, you can achieve 45 degrees and still have room to increase the angle more.

Fixed Pivot- The unit comes with two types of pivots. First is the "fixed pivot" which is applied to the center monitor, and then your "adjustable pivots" which are applied to the exterior monitors. Both forms of pivots offer a free variety of adjustments on the pitch, yaw and rotation. The "free range" of motion in the pivots provide for adjustments to be made in very minute amounts. This allow the monitors to be set along the exact same "viewing plane" and be square with each other. The rotation also allows for monitors to be set in a landscape orientation without removing monitors through the stand.

Changeable Pivot- In addition, the "adjustable pivots" offer a height adjustment option to ensure that all three monitors are in the exact same height. This adjustment is screw-based and allows for adjustments in the fractions of an inch. Additionally, most of the pivot types have a quick-release system that allows for easy placement and elimination of monitors on the arm.

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