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Ergotron WorkFit-S Dual with Worksurface and Stand 33-349-200

Showing Ergotron WorkFit–S Dual with Worksurface and stand 33-349-200 the 1st in its type personal computer workstation which promotes best ergonomic placement also motivates an on demand sit-stand job program. Transform regardless of the room through that individualized level variable run work desk. Love great ergonomics. Enhance starting a seated to a standing position whenever you like. This exact sit-stand workstation drives your computer keyboard and screen into a trouble-free motion, making processing comfortable for extremely long period. Designed to help people fight the threatening result of a lot more sedentary living and work styles. The Ergotron WorkFit-S Dual with Worksurface and Stand 33-349-200 encourages wholesome motion all over the day.


Computer Users

  • Improve the strength and efficiency while standing up or resting while you're in duty, and also change positions when you want. This exact process type stimulates balanced movement through the day.
  • Counter balanced correction points allow instant, tool-free re-positioning while you work!
  • Boost health and luxury as you figure out, reducing possibilities back and neck pain by putting change into your work setup in a indeed ergonomic workstation.
  • Perfectly and at the same time hold computer keyboard and LCD monitors to correct peak for unparalleled ergonomic benefits.
  • Patented Constant Force boost today's technology produces material, one touch transformations of the computer keyboard and computer monitor placements for customized processing
  • Enhance every viewpoint and shift it too! Using two monitors you may save time by operating multi applications at once get rid of moving back and forth linking documents and programs
  • Lose much fats by selecting to stand for times of your work day; periodic standing also promotes greater bone density and better sleep at night.

IT and Facilities Staff

  • IT implementation helpful become all work places into a productive and complete computer workstation in minutes
  • Adjust current workplace room or cubes by just clamping a WorkFit-S on an present worksurface, without the cost of expensive professional installers
  • Safe and neat routing of cables
  • Convenient, open-architecture design is scalable for future computer equipment

HR/Risk Management and Company Cost Savings

  • Handle the expense of healthcare premiums by building well-being in the daily work schedule
  • Give standing work systems for workers without having to buy expensive height-adjustable chairs
  • Relaxed processing provides provable ROI on investment healthcare costs associated with unhealthy computing and missed time are reduced while productivity increases
  • Standing supports healthy neck and back conditions. According to the 2007 OE Medicine Journal, back and neck pain are cited as the most costly conditions affecting employees
  • Studies show an average productivity increase of 20–30% when using two displays instead of one
  • Studies in office ergonomics show productivity increases 12%–18% following an ergonomic intervention where employees are provided with well-designed ergonomic furniture


≤ 24"*
    ≤ 25 lbs†
      11.3 kg
      58 cm
    360° P/L

5 Years Warranty 

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