Goldtouch USB Bluetooth Adapter (Dongle) KOV-GTM-D

  • $ 20.00
  • Availability: In Stock

Ones Goldtouch USB Wireless bluetooth Adapter (Dongle) is truly a person-welcoming Wireless bluetooth wire less service which you just connect to a great open up USB interface on your pc. Ones nano adapter is truly substantially compact versus alternative USB adapters plus it could be kept when you look at the USB interface of computer system. Wireless bluetooth have that short-range wire less connection that will help making telecommunications amongst computer systems also appliances very very easy

Please Note: This USB Bluetooth adapter is ONLY required if your PC does not contain a built-in adapter. Most newer systems include a built-in Bluetooth adapter.


  • USB Port


  • Length: ¾”
  • Width: ½”
  • Height: 316"

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