Neutral Posture Conversion Kit for Stand Up Keyboard Tray SUP04

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Sitting on the workdesk every time and not even changing positions once in a while may end up into physical strain or even injuries. The Neutral Posture Conversion Kit  for Stand Up Keyboard Tray SUP04 allows you to modify virtually every computer keyboard rack mechanism, so that you can shift from sitting to standing upright in any workstation. Sit or stand workstations prevent injuries as well as health problems for almost 28%,  and also, help enhance work flow for almost 17%.


  • Retrofits around some established computer keyboard trays & computer keyboard arms
  • Supports straight towards duty area with no computer keyboard arm
  • Added 2" to 11" on length alteration
  • Unlimited number of setting


Keyboard Dimentions 20" W x 11.5" D
Height range 8.5" - 2.5" on top of track - 6" under
Track 6" W x 23" D
Tilt range

0° to -15°

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