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Neutral Posture Easy Keyboard NPI-U22

  • Ergonomically Shaped, Stable, Low-profile Tray
  • Built-in Anti-Skid Grips and Cable Management
  • Snap-in Gelthane Wrist Rest
  • Ergonomic Pull Handle allows for Neutral Ergonomic Reach Adjustment
  • Mouse Trays Slide in and out and Has 3 Forward Indexing Positions
  • Mouse Decks are 9"x10"
  • Deck is made from Durable ABS plastic
  • Dimensions Range from 23"-41" and 12.25"-15.25" with Mouse Decks Fully Out
  • Fits Most Wave Style Boards including the Microsoft Natural
  • Angle Adjustment is Gear Driven, Turn the Knob and the Board Changes Angles from 0'-15'
  • Low Profile 23" Deck
  • Mounts Under Your Worksurface on a 23" Low Friction Track That Slides In and Out
  • Leverless Spring Assisted Height Movement that Includes 7" Below and 3.5" above the Work Surface of Vertical Travel
  • Standard 360' Rear Swivel
  • Dimensions - Overall   23"-41" w/ Mouse Decks Fully Extended

This keyboard really does it all and it even features a graphic display of height and angle configurations that are perfect when this board is utilized for multi-user scenarios and operators that switch positions constantly!

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