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Neutral Posture ONGO Stool ONGO101B

Base Color
White 12 Week Lead time
Select Seat Color
Light Green
Light Blue

The ONGO Stool by Neutral Posutres Modern-day lifestyle means that flexibility, modification, and velocity. Every little thing all around us is at motion. The one factor it remains set is people – and progressively, our world has become a  sitting one. If we all don't push our bodies, we shed muscle, all of our posture degrades, so we have the tendency to lose spirit and  inspiration. Let’s return to proper daily life, and that will  do all of us perfection. And let’s begin with exactly how we take a seat. 

Neutral Posture ONGO Stool changes the way you work. It's so easy to move in any direction either from tilt to sit to stand position. The chair's footprint is a lot smaller then your standard chairs and makes a great chair for your Sit Stand Desks. 

ongo-black.png ongo.png


Ongo Specs

  • Chair 21.7 x 14.5 x 14.5
  • Chair Weight 13 lbs
  • Seat Height 21.7 - 30.3"
  • Seat Diameter 14.5"


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