Kinesis Freestyle Ascent Multi-Tent Accessory AC740-blk

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  • Brand: Kinesis
  • Product Code: AC740-blk

"Not just your typical vertical keyboard"

Ones Freestyle Ascent accessories package produces couple multi-direction tenting segments which kind of connect with the base of ones keying segments, advantage that hooking up dish which are often familiar with backlink the two main keying segments if you think recommended. Tenting sides could be independently establish every both keying component when you look at the number of twenty on ninety levels, as part of ten amount amounts. Kept/suitable separation is restricted simply by the size of ones keyboard’s back linking power cord. The conventional nine inches separation is ideal for most end-users, although twenty inches back linking cable television is recommended at increased usefulness. Key boards using nine inches hooking up cable television could be enhanced towards the twenty inches cable television.

The Ascent could also be used in conjunction with the optional Freestyle2 palm supports, most aptly appropriate for the lower tent setup of 20, 30 and 40 degrees.

Tenting is the elevation of the center part of your divided keyboard. Simply by elevating your thumbs, your forearms' muscle tissues become relaxed relieving pronation, causing in really greater comfort as well as blood circulation.

Freestyle2 Keyboard sold individually. 


Weight: 4 lbs. (only for Ascent Accessory)
Shipping weight: 4.5 lbs

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